Bikini-clad girls, film poster look-alike, pin up girls, strip tease divas, drawings. These are but some of the wine labels which producers use to promote their product.

Double Love Trouble Labels by Some Young Punks

If sex sells, then these wines should fly off the shelf, however I am not so sure that these products are extremely successful, as in some cases the wine inside the bottle is barely mentioned, if at all.

Bikinis Cabernet Sauvigno

Bikinis Chardonnay

Bikinis Merlot

Bikinis Pinot GrigioThe Bikinis Series

In any case, they are certainly labels which attract attention, because they are unusual and different from any of the mainstream labels.

Pin Up Series
Pin Up Series. As of now, there are five different sets of Pin Up labels
A Las Vegas 'flavored' label by Sort This Out Cellar

Galdiator Cycles Pinot Noir
Gladiator Cycles Pinot Noir from California

More sexy labels, including a fake Marilyn Monroe

I might be wrong, however, since the majority of wine is purchased by women, somehow I don't see many women purchasing these wines because of their labels.